Outside/Inside the Box
Crane Arts Building, Icebox Project Space
March 2 - April 15, 2012

1400 North American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Wed – Sun, 12 - 6pm; until 9pm on the 2nd Thurs of each month
Wheelchair Accessible

Rachel Udell<br/>The Shapes of My Dreams and of My Nightmares<br/>Crocheted yarn, thread, heirloom clothing, fabric, felt, fiberfill<br/>66in x 38in x 35in<br/>$3,500.Rachel Mica Weiss<br/>Sagging Ellipse (After Richard Serra)<br/> Hand-woven manila rope and sisal twine, wrought iron fixtures<br/>87in x 52in x 46in<br/>$4,700.Ginger Metzger<br/> Untitled<br/> Tissue paper, PVA, thread<br/>84in x 60in<br/>$1,700.Hanna Hall<br/> Viivat<br/>Silk organza and wool yarn<br/>37in x 28in x 1in<br/>$2,000.Amber Cowan<br/>Basket<br/>Glass and mixed media<br/>36in x 36in x 14in<br/>$5,600.Debora Muhl<br/>Collapse #1336<br/> Sweet grass, nylon/polyester ribbon, waxed Irish linen<br/>18.5in x 18.5in x 13in<br/>$8,400.Robin Schwalb<br/>Your Name Here<br/> Cotton fabrics, fabric paint <br/>55in x 40in x .25in<br/>$4,500.Andrea Noeske-Porada<br/>Inside is Outside<br/>100% Merino wool fibers<br/> 9.06in x 7.87in x 15.75in<br/>NFS
Delbert Jackson<br/>Sandstorm<br/>Cotton Fiber paper, Acrylic Media<br/> 25in x 11in x 11in<br/>$1,000.Teresa Paschke<br/>CEAH 2<br/> Cotton canvas, textile pigment, embroidery thread<br/>72in x 21in x 1in<br/>$1,800.Kate Anderson<br/>Lichtenstein Cup/Darling<br/>Waxed linen, steel<br/>3.5in x 8.75in x 8.75in<br/>$8,000.Lucia Travnik<br/>Carrot<br/>Cotton rope<br/>16.56in x 11.88in<br/>$2,500.Jenine Shereos<br/> Leaf (Brunette)<br/>Human hair<br/>3.5in x 7in<br/>NFSTheresa Ellerbrock<br/>Fire Walk<br/>Belgium linen and silver thread, sumi ink, mounted on plexiglass<br/>47in x 14.5in x .5in<br/>$4,200.Constanza Urrutia Wegmann<br/>Textura en piel<br/>Leather<br/>31.5in x 11.8in x 1.2in<br/>$500.Nancy Crow<br/>Self-Portrait: Focus<br/>Mono-Prints #9/#7 long<br/> Quilts, 100% cotton with Procion MX dyes. Machine quilted by Beth Schillig with patterns denoted by Nancy Crow<br/>81in x 89in<br/>Price on Request
Theresa Ellerbrock<br/>Moon<br/>Cotton thread, horsehair and leather cord.  Mounted on plexiglass<br/> 9in x 19in x .5in<br/>$2,900.Ann Wessmann<br/>Words Unspoken Series: 37,499 days - June 9, 1932 - December 31, 1941 (detail)<br/>Text on vellum on foam board<br/>96in x 96in x 4in<br/>NFSAnn Wessmann<br/>Words Unspoken Series: 37,499 days - June 9, 1932 - December 31, 1941<br/>Text on vellum on foam board<br/>96in x 96in x 4in<br/>NFSDiane Savona<br/>Formal Argument<br/>Salvaged dress mannequin, tuxedo and tuxedo shirt (dyed), vintage napkins and handkerchiefs, hand beaded ornaments, vintage trim<br/>60in x 24in x 24in<br/>$5,800.Jackson Martin<br/> Collapse (Until Death Do Us Part)<br/>Natural burlap, poly-tarp, thread, grommets, mounted photograph<br/>36in x 72in x 4in<br/>NFSPat Klein<br/>Cups<br/>Cotton floss on line<br/>20in x 23in x 1in<br/>$4,000Naomi  Kasumi<br/>MEM: memory • memorial no.7 scriptorium<br/>Used tea-bags, Bee's wax, xerox images, Japanese calligraphy, cotton, butterfly wing, plant material<br/>84in x 240in x 300in<br/>NFSClay McLaurin<br/>Sapelo in Aubergine<br/>Cotton Thread, acrylic, arches watercolor paper<br/>22in x 30in<br/>$1,400.
June Lee<br/>Bystander<br/>Mixed media, thread and yarn<br/>8in x 2.5in x 1.5in each, variable dimensions for 100 figures<br/ $600. eachBrenna K. Murphy<br/>Untitled (Quilt)<br/>Hair, various colors and textures, tissue paper<br/>130in x 105in<br/>$2,500.Micaela Vivero<br/>Mounts<br/>Hemp and plastic<br/>36in x 48in x 10in<br/>$6,000.Myrna Tatar<br/>A Language of My Own<br/>Hemp, plastic, and various fabrics<br/>12in x 119in x .5in<br/>$3,500.Marie Bergstedt<br/>Dressing for a Delicate Condition<br/>Antique cotton crochet tablecloth, molding stiffener, cotton crochet thread<br/>28in x 18in x 9in<br/>$800.Melanie Ritter Mitchell<br/>Spring!<br/>Rayon, cotton, linen, tencel, silk, yarns. Color-coated copper wire. Hand-dyed painted warp, dyes and textile pigment<br/>78.5in x 12in x 3in<br/>$3,500.Emily DuBois<br/>Naga (1-5)<br/>Polynesian tapa (bark cloth), sumi, acrylic medium, bamboo rods<br/>70in x 30in x 1in<br/>$800. eachEmily DuBois<br/> Fig Leaf and Stone <br/>Cotton thread, stone, wire, swivel<br/>12in x 8in x 5in<br/>$3,600.
Cynthia Friedman<br/>Radiant Interceptions: Seasons<br/>Silk and silk organza, cotton backing and batting<br/>29in x 29in x 1in<br/>$1,900.Emily Dvorin<br/>In The Eye of the Beholder<br/>Oxygen tubing, plastic lids, gutter clips, bottle tops, med-testers, florist card holders and cable ties<br/>17in x 24in x 24in<br/>$600.Melinda Steffy<br/>Aubade: Mnemosyne Sings<br/>Turmeric-dyed canvas, 9 panels of 144 patches each<br/> 60” x 60” x 60”<br/>$1,600.Arlé Sklar-Weinstein<br/>Ice River Vine Bound<br/>Free floating organza panels, wood dowels, monofiliment thread stitching<br/>36in x 72in x 3.5in<br/>$7,500.Reineke Hollander<br/>Ancestor Chairs<br/>Oil, canvas, sewing, mixed media <br/>51in x 126in<br/>$12,000.Heidi Field-Alvarez<br/>Transpose<br/>Plexi, string, cotton print on gatorboard, video<br/>44in x 21in x 6in<br/>$1,400.Linda Celestian<br/>Sea Foam<br/>Silk, dye, nylon thread<br/>4in x 15in x 6in<br/>$1,000Kathy Halper<br/>Decisions<br/>Embroidery thread on linen<br/>26in x 18in x 1in<br/>$850.
Linda Colsh<br/>Defiant<br/>Cotton fabric, dyed, painted, inked and printed by the artist<br/>70in x 72in x 0.25in<br/>$13,860.Linda Colsh<br/>Almost There<br/>Cotton, polyester and linen fabric: dyed, painted, discharged and printed by the artist<br/>39in x 69in x 0.25in<br/>$7,500.Atticus Adams<br/>Orange Grove<br/>Aluminum mesh, grommets, wire, enamel<br/>32in x 32in x 3.5in<br/>$1,200.Damia Smith<br/>Defense Mechanism<br/>Anodized aluminum, steel<br/>9in x 8in x 3.5in<br/>$900.Virginia Davis<br/>Green and White<br/>Linen, acrylic<br/>37in x 74in x 1in<br/>$6,000.Magali Rizzo<br/>So bitter were my feelings<br/>Linen cloth, cotton thread<br/>53in x 34in<br/>$2,202.Margaret Leininger<br/>Visual Strata-spheres: Social Divisions<br/>Hand spun and naturally dyed wool, cotton and cotton/rayon blend, industrial felt backing<br/>14in x 14in x .5in<br/>NFSWen Redmond<br/>Cormorant's Perch<br/>Several digitally treated natural fabrics, edges and top sealed with UV medium and paint<br/>47in x 30in x .4in<br/>$2,475.
Riccardo Berlingeri<br/>Hope<br/>Newspaper and glue<br/>108in x 108in x 25in<br/>$10,000.Patricia Kennedy-Zafred<br/>The Pink Suit<br/>Hand dyed fabric, acetate, metallic and rayon threads<br/>21.5in x 29.5in x .25in<br/>$1,850.Georgette Veeder<br/>Gestation<br/>Pods are made with formed handmade Gampi paper and wool<br/>108in x 120in x 180in<br/>$4,200.Jodi Colella<br/>One Day<br/>Repurposed plastic sleeves from delivered newspapers<br/>48in x 43in x 12in<br/>$7,500.Michael Radyk<br/>Swan Point<br/>Recycled vinyl coated polyester, wool, linen<br/>108in x 64in x 5in<br/>NFSTod Hensley<br/>Untitled 01<br/>Cotton, metallic and monofilament embroidery thread. Fabric, velvet, wooden frame <br/>16in x 16in x 1.5in<br/>$2,225.April Dauscha<br/>Exposed: An Armory of Physical Longings<br/>Muslin, boning, grommets, ribbon & dress form<br/>72in x 18in x 18in<br/>$7,800.Brigitte Amarger<br/>Humanoids<br/>Bones, organs, prostheses X rays, scanners and magnetic resonance imagery, transparent nylon and color cotton threads<br/>84in x 25in x 0.039in<br/>$15,700.
Mikelle Lindsey<br/>Suspended Containment<br/>Wool<br/>132in x 16in x 8in<br/>$500.Liz Collins<br/>Sock Monkey Suit<br/>Wool, angora, cashmere, and silk yarn<br/>68in x 18in x 18in<br/>$3,000.Erin Endicott<br/>Healing Sutra #11<br/>Antique cotton baby bib, embroidery thread, glass beads<br/>7.5in x 6.5in<br/>$2,500.Rowland Ricketts<br/>Mirrored<br/>Indigo and black walnut dyed mop cotton, silk<br/>120in x 80in x 4in<br/>$4,000.Dorothy McGuinness<br/>Seven Fingers<br/>Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, waxed linen thread<br/>10.5in x 9.5in x 8in<br/>$770.Susan Iverson<br/>Winter Walk<br/>Wool & glass<br/>64in x 31in x 6in<br/>$6,000.Mary Ruth Smith<br/>Face Off... Together<br/>Cotton embroidery floss, silk fabric, matte medium, newspaper images<br/>24in x 36in x 1in<br/>$3,000.Tamryn McDermott<br/>Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow<br/>Silk organza, matt medium, fabric dye, aluminum rings<br/>174in x 96in x 96in<br/>$10,000.
Xia Gao<br/>Mountains & Streams, Secular and Pecuniary (detail)<br/>Buckram, Thread, Pigment, Wood<br/>20in x 347in x 2in<br/>$9,800.Joetta Maue<br/>Waking with you...<br/>Hand embroidered, appliquéd, and painted re-appropriated linen & queen size bed<br/>15in x 60in x 80in<br/>$4,900.Sarah Hewitt<br/>Mistress of Maidenhood<br/>Raffia, coir fiber, scallop bags, shellac, waxes, steel base<br/>89in x 19in x 18in<br/>$32,000.Jan Hopkins<br/>Lady Bug<br/>Philodendron and eucalyptus leaves, grapefruit peels, yellow cedar bark, hydrangea petals, California poppy petals, ostrich shell beads and waxed linen thread<br/>33in x 12in x 12in<br/>$8,000.Jenny Iserman<br/>Blood and Roses - a Story Quilt<br/>Commercial and recycled fabrics, upholstery thread, metallic thread, embroidery silk, seed beads, cotton batting<br/>75in x 58.5in x .25in<br/>NFSHeather Ujiie<br/>Cry Wolf<br/>Digital inkjet print on cotton canvas<br/>132in x 480in x 12in<br/>$8,000.Bryan Day<br/>Zipperwall Quilt 2<br/>Salvaged fabric from upholstery and dress pants, salvaged zippers, plastic, easter eggs, red oak trim and electronic components<br/>40” x 50” x 2”<br/>NFSMary Merkel-Hess<br/>Llano (red)<br/>Reed, paper, acrylic paint<br/>25in x 30in x 18in<br/>$4,200.

For sales information contact Bruce Hoffman.